How to Make Your Dream (that you never knew you had) Come True!

So you figure your life path will take a normal routine:  work/home/wife/mother/friend/etc.  That's great if you are left-brained.  But if you are right-brained like me, there is always something just beyond the grasp. . . a flicker of imagination, a flash of an idea.  A wish to do something that in no way resembles your regular life.

That's when you begin to feed yourself by letting your imagination run wild, by studying, by learning everything you can absorb about what your flashes of imagination are calling you to do.  In my case, it began with painting. . . painting murals, painting ceilings, creating faux finishes that made plain walls or wood look like beautiful aged 3-dimensional leather or venetian plasters.    Then the big one hit. . . artistan jewelry and the desire to create one of a kind pieces with mixed media.  Boy! I read everything I could get my hands on and talked to anybody who would listen about my ideas for jewelry.  I had a growing desire to conquer this new desire!  Here are some ideas from me to you . . . tips I gathered along the way as I began my new work.

1.  Jump In!!! The water is fine!  Start creating!  The beauty of being an artist is that you can begin over and over again to make your art piece just what you want it to be before anyone else sees it.  Don't show the failures, show the pieces you are happy with and that will make a 100% success rate in the eyes of all who see your work.

2.  Feed on inspiration while working.  For instance, I listen to my favorite music while I work.   It helps the work flow from your brain to your fingertips and into your art piece.

3.  Keep at it.  Make more and more and even more!  You will get better with every one, and you'll learn the tricks and techniques that help make your work easier.

4.  Don't ask other people's advice too often -- it can wear you down.  You and you alone know what you want your piece to be.  If you are fulfilled and satisfied and happy with your piece, then it is perfect.  You are headed in the right direction.

5.  Now for the BIGGIE. . . there will come a time when you question whether you should continue to do this for fun - dabbling and enjoying yourself and giving great gifts to friends, OR should you commit and make the big jump to trying to make a full time effort.  Do you want to be entreprenurial?  Do you want to start building a business?  It is totally your call, and either way can be the right choice.  You'll know what you want to do!

6. If you decide that you want to answer the entreprenurial call and commit to building a business, don't give up your day job just yet. . . as Captain Jack Sparrow would say, "Wait for an Opportune Moment".  All of your dreams for a business of your own that will fulfill your artistic spirit will rise up  to say "I'm in it to stay!  I am committed and devoted to my work, and I will not stop!"  But do wait until you can reasonably live on the money brought in by your new venture before you give up a regular paycheck and insurance.

7.  Check into as a great place to turn your ideas into a brand new shop of your own where you sell your  work for extremely low overhead (20 cents to list an item, and a tiny fraction of each sold). Etsy has lots of support, interaction with other artists, and tips to get you started and to grow your business.  When you open an Etsy site, you will begin to take yourself seriously, not only as an artist, but as a shop owner and business person as well.  It  will give you the feeling of ownership.

8.  And then. . . after you are well-established in your art and in your sales, reach down to the next person who wants to achieve their dream .  Support them, give them some of your hard-learned advice, and tell her that her dreams can become reality, too!

Vicki Ellis at